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I started with a Nood device

I started with a Nood device, which felt high-quality and was working great – and then it died. The replacement unit was DOA, so I figured, let’s try 5minskin. Huge mistake: the unit felt incredibly dinky, like a toy, not effective, difficult to control, cheaply made. After a few weeks of use I can confirm it wasn’t working as well as the Nood had been. But here’s the catch: 5minskin gives you a 30 day return window, which isn’t long enough to give the device a fair shot (6-8 weeks). After that, you have to FIGHT for a refund. I think the only reason I got one is because I’d purchased an extended warranty, and I claimed (truthfully) that the machine wasn’t working as intended. It took weeks, I’ve finally got my money back, but I had to pay for return shipping, so essentially I just spent $9 for the “privilege” of spending hours arguing with their “customer service” reps and using a device that doesn’t work.

Be extremely cautious: I recommend you avoid this “instagram brand” that came out of nowhere and doesn’t have real people behind it. If you must experiment (keeping all this in mind) for the love of pete use a payment source where you’re confident you will get your money back, like american express.

What I am doing now is what I should have done all along: spending the money on a Braun.

Date of experience: July 31, 2023

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