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Loved this Course

Loved this course. It made it easy to understand the material, and was easy to pay attention to (as someone who has ADHD it can be really hard to study certain material). It has a mix of videos, reading portions (it depends page to page, but it isn’t overwhelming which is fantastic), and one question here and there that makes it easy to pay attention. People who are neurodivergent will have an fair time with this course. The only irritating thing is finishing the reading for a page and needing to wait for the timer to go out so I can go to the next section, but it’s only waiting a few seconds and you can easily doodle or play a super short game to pass the time (it’s also unavoidable because they need to make sure it’s completed in 6 hours, on the dot I’m assuming. It’s not that hard to deal with considering there are in-class settings and other courses that would bore me to death). Also, the quips here and there are hilarious. Some comments from either a quiz question or within the reading are so unhinged (for the boomers and millennials out there, I’m saying it was downright funny). Again, loved the course, it was easy to pace myself for it, the videos and questions made it interesting, and it made the experience a whole lot more tolerable than if I did any other course. 10/10

Date of experience: August 14, 2023

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