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Airband’s ultrafast broadband networks have turned the tables for digitally isolated areas. As pioneers, we head to corners of the country others don’t dare go. Our fibre technology has connected homes, businesses and communities with speeds up to 900Mbps – a service unknown before. Ultra reliable connection. Ultrafast speeds.

And why not? If you’re remote and rural, or in the heart of town, fibre broadband means no one gets left behind. For a decade, we’ve created the biggest non-urban network in the UK because everyone deserves better broadband.

No price hikes. That’s our promise. You’ll get one great price for the life of your contract and if you’re not 100% happy after 30 days, we’ll give you your money back.

From the South West and Wales to Oxfordshire and the Midlands, we continually invest in communities across the UK. Location is no problem. Our friendly engineers understand the unique challenges faced in the field and they’ll ensure your service is speedy, safe and secure.

Broadband just got good.

Check if our broadband coverage reaches you.

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