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Suggest that Aliexpress check the products from some sellers more closely

Aliexpress has been excellent in their service helping me. When there were problems, I got my refunds. However, I had a negative experience recently buying an HTM brand smartphone. The phone did not look quite like the image shown in the seller’s page. After setting it up (had lots of trouble doing this).

I installed two hardware info apps. Both apps showed that the specs were way below what the seller claimed. It was Android 7, not 11; 2Gb ram, not 6Gb, internal storage was 9.5Gb, not 128Gb. It was quad core and not octa core. It could only use 2.4Ghz wifi and not 5Ghz. Also, the camera was 13Mp and not 48Mp.

Some other users found similar problems with some of their other models.

I would like to suggest that Aliexpress do some checking. Other than this, I have bought many excellent products on Aliexpress that I cannot find, or are more expensive, in physical retail stores.

Date of experience: June 19, 2023

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