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American Credit Card Solutions Reviews

This company is awesome!

Well, here I am again, to say the least I got myself in a bind and thinking another company could help me better and faster, was a big mistake. After 9 months with another company that only resolved one debt, never stopped the calls, never contacted the creditors to make negotiations until I had a sufficient amount in my account, not only was I livid but depressed, scared and ready to file bankruptcy. I called ACCS, prayed they would take me back and be able to help me again and they did! I spoke with Bryan D. And after taking my information and setting my payment plan and what I needed to do, I felt instant relief! I have received a few calls from creditors but not nearly what I was getting and even though I was struggling to get the first payment in this company has even helped me with that issue. I love this company and I will never leave them again! I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family with debt issues, and encourage them to just hang in there and know this company is helping you and you will succeed in getting rid of your debt.

Date of experience: August 07, 2023

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