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Recruitment Unresponsive

I applied to this company and I got my initial interview from Jamil Gatdula from Philippines

She was late roughly 10 minutes which is unprofessional from the start of my journey as an applicant.

The interview was schedule for 30 minutes and she didn’t even bother to spend 5 minuets of her time asking for my professional experience.

Looks like she was doing something else and her camera is off because of internet connection issue which she said.

She told me that I will be scheduled for the next interview within the week and she will just send an email.

Come following week, I did follow up but I was not able to get a response from her. I made another follow up the following day but I received nothing. I made another follow up until I reach to the point that I no longer wanted to push through my application as she is not responding. Until now, I haven’t received any.

Now, deciding to send and email to the COO and CEO of the company so she can can learn her lesson to respond promptly.

Wait for my email Jamil Gatdula. You are unprofessional and disgusting.

Date of experience: July 20, 2023

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