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Extremely Disappointed – Unresponsive Customer Service and Non-Existent Products

I am beyond disappointed with my experience dealing with Asian Beauty Wholesale. My order (#20822364) for the “Nutrione – BB LAB The Collagen Powder S” with UPC 8809514644173 was placed over a month ago, and what I have received in return is frustration, uncertainty, and a complete lack of customer care.

The website indicated that the product was available when I made my purchase, yet it’s now apparent that it’s no longer in stock. More than a month later, my order still languishes in limbo, waiting for stocks that may never arrive. This blatant mismanagement of inventory is a slap in the face to customers who trust that their orders will be fulfilled as promised.

The utter lack of transparency and accountability is mind-boggling. I’ve tried to reach out through live chat, hoping to get some answers, but it’s as if my messages disappear into the abyss. The deafening silence from the customer service team only compounds my frustration. A business that prides itself on customer satisfaction should be ashamed of this level of disregard.

What’s even more infuriating is the surprise restriction on reselling the product that emerged after my purchase. This information was conveniently withheld until I questioned it. It’s evident that Asian Beauty Wholesale has no qualms about leaving customers in the dark until it suits their interests.

I find it hard to believe that a company can treat its customers with such flagrant disregard. I urge anyone considering a purchase from Asian Beauty Wholesale to think twice. If my experience is any indication, you’ll be met with an unresponsive customer service team, a lack of product availability, and a complete disregard for your concerns.

Asian Beauty Wholesale, you’ve managed to turn a potential repeat customer into a vocal critic. Your approach to customer service is an affront to anyone who values transparency, integrity, and respect.

Date of experience: July 19, 2023

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