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Ignores all my emails and phone calls!!!

My card was charged $176.36 and I’m now slightly concerned whether Atlantis are even operational or not?

My previous emails and phone call all remain unanswered. I’m very happy to wait the 7-10 days turnaround indicated but not be out of pocket for months. A simple reassuring reply would now be very much appreciated.

Otherwise I’ll be wanting an immediate refund from you at best, or pursue a VISA chargeback at worse, which I’d rather avoid as this would likely incur you considerable extra financial cost.

It’s ironic that Atlantis was a “lost city” which is what it seems your business is now. I understand you have some health issues BUT please stop trading and accepting customer orders!!! I’m $176 out of pocket now without even the courtesy of a very simple “Don’t worry it’s all good” reply. So disappointed, especially as I was trying to avoid Amazon and support an independent music retailer.

Date of experience: August 30, 2022

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