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Review of my experience purchasing from Audio Tech Direct

In keeping with Trust Pilot’s guidelines. I have all of the email evidence to substantiate this review

I do not usually write reviews, but in this instance, I feel that people should be aware of the service that Audio Tech Direct provide, and the way they treat people who purchase from them. I won’t say customers, as in my opinion, they do not treat people like customers.

I wanted to replace the head unit in my Mercedes S class 350 W220. Before doing so I did extensive research and what was available. I decided to purchase the equipment from Audio Tech Direct. This was mainly on the basis that they are based in the UK, therefore if there were any problems, I would be dealing with UK based support and receive a good customer service… wrong I was!

I purchased an Erisin Android head unit. Before doing so, I took pictures of the existing head unit including the rear view and the fibre optic cabling looms. This was so they could identify what kit I needed to purchase from them. They gave me a list of kit to purchase, this included a cabling loom at a cost of £29.99 that they said I may or may not need, but if I did not need it, they would refund the money.

The head unit is now working great; however, it took weeks of toing and froing to get it working.

I was paying an audio engineer by the hour to fit the unit. When he first installed it, there was no sound. I contacted them and received an email from Thomas who although he was very helpful, the information he supplied did not work.

I then started to deal with James Jackson and this is where the problems really started. The equipment arrived without installation instructions. When I questioned this, James told me that no audio equipment comes with installation instructions and never has. This is despite their web site advertising that the equipment they supply comes with full installation instructions.

As I was paying by the hour for the equipment to be fitted, I thought it would be best to let the audio engineer talk directly to James. Although James tried to help, the information he gave was trial and error. Suggesting using different inputs and outputs on the connections from the wiring loom. None of what he suggested solved the problem.

The audio engineer questioned if the UGE-F0B01 MOST fibre optic retention amp RCA adaptor, could be faulty or incompatible with my vehicle. James’s response was that they had never had a faulty part and it was unlikely. He suggested trying other connections but again, none of his suggestions worked.

Eventually he agreed that the part may be faulty. However, he first of all asked me to return the part for them to test to see f it was actually faulty. When I argued that this was unreasonable, given the time and expense that I had already incurred, he agreed to send a replacement part, but forced me to purchase it at a cost of £99.99. He said that I would be refunded if the part was actually faulty.
When the replacement part arrived, it was a different part to the original. As soon as it was connected, it worked.

I spoke with James at length and asked if they were prepared to compensate me in some way, as I had incurred additional costs due to the part being either faulty or incompatible.

All he was prepared to do was to quote their terms and conditions at me, saying that they are not responsible for my installation costs.

I wrote to their managing director Stuart Pope. Instead I got a patronising email from James Jackson, informing me that Mr Pope does not speak to the public, that is why he employs staff to deal with issues. James again reiterated that they are not responsible for my installation costs. He even suggested that he had “done me a favour” by giving me a “free of charge” delivery of the replacement part and collection of the faulty/incompatible part!!!

When the faulty part and the cabling loom that was not needed (it was not even taken out of the box) were returned. They refunded me the £99.99 for the faulty/incompatible part, but refused to refund me the £29.99 for the cabling loom that was not needed. They told me that I had returned the wrong cabling loom and that it was damaged. I threatened them with legal action and eventually they refunded the £29.99.

I work in the service industry and know what good and bad service is. I also know what is reasonable and unreasonable when dealing with problems and complaints.

The only thing I need to complete the installation is a DAB aerial. Audio Tech Direct supply them, but I would not spend another penny with them after this extremely unpleasant experience.

I have ordered a DAB aerial direct from Erisin in China

Date of experience: May 14, 2022

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