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Scammers or not…….?

Very poor and expensive trading conditions. I asked for a withdrawal but nothing is happening. Telegram support doesn’t reply. Reading all reviews, it seems I am not the only one that is waiting for money. I do think we all need to report them to the police! I see someone online on IG but also they are almost not replying to requests.

Update March 9th. received from Instagram account:
La boîte mail et lier à notre site donc aucun mail possible 🙌

Tout notre personel travail sur la remise en place du site internet donc impossible de répondre sur Telegram
Le site devrait être de nouveau disponible d’ici ce week-end

Update 15/3/2023
The website is back online. Let’s see if the withdrawals are back on track and are processed in an orderly manner.

Update 17/3/2023
No reply about the withdrawal request. No communication whatsoever. On request of the autofx team, I removed the name of the person that explain in a YouTube video how good autofxbroker is with segregated accounts. Until today no communication of autofxbroker. No reply on emails no reply on IG.

Update 20/3/2023
The website has improved and looks much better. However, on the Telegram channel for customer support, nobody is answering. On email through the back office, nobody is replying to messages. The only automatic reply you receive in your email is this: “Automatic answering from support
We have received your message and it will be processed within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience”

From another source I heard that 20/3/2023 they will resume pay outs. 700 are pending. They start with the older ones and work to the most recent withdrawal requests.

Update 23/3/2023:
The company does not do anything, no update no withdrawals processed. So I need to post more information:

In a YouTube video Loris Cotroneo explains as the CEO of Autofxbroker how they operate. https:// www. YouTube. com/watch?v=K9b6rCmkgvE&t=89s

Adresse postale 9 IMP BEAUSEJOUR 26200 MONTELIMAR
Numéro SIREN
Numéro SIRET (siège)
Numéro TVA Intracommunautaire

Update 28/3/2023:
No further communication about withdrawals.

Update 3/4/2023:
No communication or replies whatsoever.

Update 29/4/2023:
No communication and no withdrawal request has been processed.

Update 24/5/2023:
Until today no replies, no withdrawal has been processed. It looks they are scamming people, do not fall for them.

Date of experience: March 06, 2023

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