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It became clear to me that this company is a scam and do not have the financial capabilities to meet it’s liabilities for traders who are profitable. Initially, they are very friendly and provide exceptional customer service when they want you to set up an account. But, after that the customer service is subpar and non existent. Especially when it comes to withdrawals! It is going on two months, and I still have not received my withdrawal. It is extremely difficult to get in contact with someone or someone who can answer your questions, and they won’t allow you to speak to a manager without putting more money in your account to become a VIP member. It may take about 5-6 attempts at communication before getting in contact with someone, and when you do get in contact they will only provide you non-answers to your questions without ever answering it. Learn from myself and avoid this broker who is trying to scam you


This second part is in response to the reply from AZA forex from my initial review, which is the top half:

I’m going to reiterate that this is a SCAM!!! They literally, made up some bull sh!t about fraudulent activity without any proof just to avoid paying me .171 bitcoins, which amounts to over $7000 USD at the time of this writing and then they wiped out the rest of my account of approximately $2400. Essentially, they are claiming that my account was fraudulent because I used bonus funds (that they gave me) in hedging. Any trader who has used other brokers know that the minute you withdraw funds that the forex broker remove the bonus funds that they credited to your account, and the same thing happened with AZA forex. This is an unfounded allegation that lacks any evidence and is an excuse to not pay me the profits from my trades. I have nothing to hide and I request AZA Forex to provide me the same courtesy that they extended to other reviewers who was not satisfied with their service and to discuss it publicly. I await your reply AZA Forex to prove the unsubstantiated allegations.

Response to second reply:

First, stop manipulating my words and misleading the readers. I never said that I didn’t receive a bonus. What I said is when you withdraw funds your company functions like all other forex brokers I have used in the past, and rescinded the bonus credit at time of withdrawal. That is what I said anything else is a distortion of my words!

Second, I like the readers of this review to know. That AZA Forex will not contact me outside of this review venue to discuss the matters, which is another indicator that AZA Forex is a SCAM. I invite AZA Forex to contact me directly via phone to talk to resolve the issue (However, given there history I doubt that they will ever contact me.).

Therefore, these allegation are nonsensical, because the bonus money was never used. For any experience Forex Trader reading this you would know there is no way to manipulate an order. There are only two things that you can do when placing an order you can either buy or you can sell.

Regarding the multiple IP addresses claim. AZA Forex is trying to prey on people ignorance. There are three places that I traded. At home, at work, and on my mobile device. Each location would have a different IP address. I invite AZA Forex to provide me the identified IP address that they consider “Fraudulent”, so that I can rebut it through documentation from my internet provider, mobile phone provider, and work of the legitimacy of the IP addresses I used.

Another distortion in this review by AZA Forex is portraying that hedging is fraudulent, and based on their terms and conditions that it is allowed as long as a hedging order is not placed simultaneously, which my order were not.

AZA Forex, is outright lying when they stated that every position was hedged from 01/28/22 to 04/05/22. I began trading NZD/JPY pair in the month of March and April. After march there were no pairs that were hedged.

It is crystal clear in AZA Forex response that they are a SCAM! Within this review they have lied! Distorted the facts! And mislead the readers. I would invite AZA Forex to contact me via phone to resolve this issue, and I will revised the review accordingly! But, This is a SCAM. I’VE BEEN TRYING TO CONTACT A MANAGER WITH AZA FOREX FOR 3 MONTHS WITH NO SUCCESS! I seriously hope that anybody considering them think twice. Please don’t put yourself in a situation like myself spending months to retrieve the profits that you earned. Go with a more reputable broker. I suggest going with a regulated broker that way there is a governing body that can hold them accountable.

Date of experience: March 10, 2022

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