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Company trying to take money after no delivery for almost a year

I used to be a huge advocate for Birchbox, I was a subscriber for many years until the box delivery suddenly stopped and the company simply disappeared. I had paid for a subscription for a year in advance and only received 2 of these boxes. I just chalked it up to poor luck and forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago, when my bank informed me that a company called Birchbox had attempted to take almost £150 from my account (presumably the cost of renewing a year’s subscription?) and it was flagges as fraud. My card was blocked and Birchbox attempted to take the payment four or five times over the course of a week. I am in contact with the dispute team of my bank now, but they won’t unblock my card before resolution due to it being high risk after multiple payment attemps flagged as fraudulent.

It’s bad enough that we were left with no refund or recompense for yearly subscripstions unfulfilled, but how are they now taking money? The company went under, where is this money going? It is beyond inconvenient that I am blocked from using my card, I have monthly payments being declined because of this nonsense. I appreciate there is little point in writing this, because anyone reading it will be in a similar position to me, but this is extremely poor.

Date of experience: August 15, 2023

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