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Refund within the day

Whatever you may say about the tactics this company use to monopolise the accommodation market, their flight bookings are a breath of fresh air in an industry racked with scams.

Having booked a €688 flight, I needed to cancel a few hours later when I couldn’t get any connecting transport (train trackwork). Not only did they reply within 30 minutes of my enquiry, but the full charge was refunded onto my virtual debit card within 12hrs of making the booking, even though I hadn’t bought a changeable fare.

Extremely impressed with this level of service.

-2 stars because they gave me a heart attack when I discovered that they are actually a front to legitimise the dreadful GotoGate. It’s buried deep inside the flight terms and conditions and some modifications require interacting with GotoGate, god help you.

Date of experience: August 16, 2023

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