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Shamelessly exploited the people!

I have been an unfortunate client of Brokereo (Concorde Investments) and I have lost 12 750 Euro through Brokereo

I had no idea about trading and financial market. I was referred to Brokereo from an advertisement on the Internet, promising me secure additional income with a small investment

I told the people at Brokereo that I am a single parent and that I received a small inheritance from my late father and that this is the only wealth I have for myself and my 2 small children and that I depend on it.

I am aware that I used your services as a newcomer to the financial markets; my sole trading experience began when I put my first investment with Brokereo. As a result, the highly sophisticated product I was sold was not adequately communicated to me because my account manager never mentioned potential losses or the risk connected with his trading technique or services.

I was promised education in trading and secured profits by my manager. Not only did I not get any money, but also I lost all my investments entrusted to Brokereo!

I was never told about the risks of online trading. Instead of this, I was forced to transfer to Brokereo more and more of my funds.

Stop Loss and Take Profit – essential trading features were not activated for the majority of the trades.

My advisor said he would explain everything to me. Instead, I was given direct advice on what to trade – Direct Trading Advice.

On 12. 08.2021 following Brokereo’s advice, I had to open a trade 944074 volume (7.08 lots!!!) in Crude oil that led to the loss of 11646 EURO!

I was stolen money through SWAPS which I knew absolutely nothing about! Having Never been informed of such a commission, I steel had to pay it. So in trade 9441303 I lost 2534 Euro and in trade 944074 – 422 Euro!

Dozens of calls kept coming – even late in the evening – when i was painstaking care of my children from greedy employees of Brokereo who pushed me to transfer more and more money so that the investment supposedly “pays off” more.

When I complained to Brokereo instead of supporting me and reimbursing my loss caused by a malevolent direct trading manager’s advice, I was sent off with a humiliating offer not covering even half of the losses from my devastated single-parent household budget.

Date of experience: October 26, 2021

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