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Response on Broker station’s response

Response on Broker station’s response

Thanks for your response.
When we joined Brokers station knew we are micro accounts the issue is transparency
1. We were not informed of Swaps we were told that accounts less than £2000 will be charged 0.5% as transaction fees and accounts above £2000 will be charge 0.25% by the account manager and lead analyst
2. To our surprise SWAPS charged at 37% which is astronomical
3. We complained about swaps being too high repeatedly but no one paid heed finally we decided to quit not because of our trading skills but due to high level of dishonesty and lack of transparency
4. Finance team( not sure if it exists) offered a account without swaps only when we said we want to quit
5. We were told by the account manager to continue till the month end to save his credibility for which we agreed then the account manager & lead Analyst said if you need your money back take a position with 100 trades then we will give your money back and the swaps
6. After taking the position( where we all lost 20% more) we were told your money will be refunded but without the Swaps as finance team has asked to take more positions which is unreasonable.
7. When we wanted to exit our money should have been transferred rather than forcing us to loose more money
8. Blaming our micro accounts or commenting about our trading skills is not a excuse that Brokers station can hide behind. Take responsibility for your dishonest and unjust actions
9. We were informed there was a technical glitch due to which SWAPS were OVERCHARGED and this money would be refunded but not to our surprise the money is not refunded , we have email correspondence where it was stated SWAPs were overcharged and will be refunded. Even after email correspondence the organisation still doesn’t refund – World class display of ethics..

Stay away from Brokers station. They want to entangle their customers with them by being
1. Dishonest
2. Lack of transparency
3. Unprofessional attitude
4. Unprofessional behaviour
5. Lack of any business ethics
Please spread the word and stay away and work with a credible organisation

Date of experience: January 29, 2018

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