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Capital Markets Elite Group Reviews

Excellent customer service, fast executions, and reliable platforms

I’m grateful that there is a service that caters to small accounts. If this service didn’t exist I’d be bound to the pdt rule and wouldn’t have been able to grow my account as much as I have.

If you have a problem with commissions and fees you don’t have to use the service but this is the price for fast executions and as many trades a day as your plan allows.

The customer service lacks only in the fact that US clients have to pay higher phone bills if we decide to call.

However, emailing them first and asking them to call is a valid option. Although this is the encouraged route, calling is still the fastest way to solve an issue.

With that being said it matters not if your communication is through email or phone I have been able to get assistance in timely manners. The good folks that work behind the scene are polite, knowledgeable, and resourceful when it comes to solving problems or getting information.

I would recommend CMEG but if you want free this is not going to work for you but if you want fast and reliable it will.

Date of experience: June 06, 2023

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