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Reply from Car Brokers

Well this is a review that is so ridiculous that it absolutely needs a response.

As this customer states, I provided a prompt and fair quote for the car of choice. We then had a conversation by phone about it, and the viability (or not) of having maintenance, with correct advice duly given by email.

The customer then came back with a request to match a competitor quote which, after due consideration, I agreed to match. All this time I had reserved the car for him with a dealer I work with a lot, ’emploring’ them to hold this car for my customer.

He then requested to proceed with the order and asked for the paperwork, that is, a finance proposal form. I was then quite surprised to not receive this back the same day, given the relative urgency and alternative interest in the car he was aware of.

I emailed next day (today) to confirm I’d interpreted the customer’s intentions correctly and he confirmed that he wanted the car and would complete the paperwork by this evening as he was ‘on the road’ during the day.

Having held the car and given the customer first refusal (against several alternative potential interested customers of mine, let alone the dealer’s) I was bemused to receive an email this evening stating he had changed his mind and bought a used car instead. To me, this was a classic case of keeping our offer on the table, pending alternative lines of enquiry (different cars, different options, etc).

I stand by my comments in that I feel I gave this person the trust to honour his regularly repeated commitment, which in the end was not to be.

I feel a human reaction is normal and any business has a right to react to situations where commitments are made and then not honoured in good faith on the strength of various communications througout the process.

Please read my other ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews and you will see, without doubt I am sure, that this is a totally unreasonable review.

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