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Kit Malthouse is the architect of this…

Kit Malthouse is the architect of this child abuse, all blame should be directed to kit. The staff are Mcdonalds grade, put in fancy offices to somehow justify there daily acts of atrocities on are beautiful children. The enviroment is utterly toxic, the glassdoor reviews say it all!

Dear staff, just because Kit says child abuse is OK, that doesnt make it OK, you will be judged by God!

Genuine employee review….lost for words..

Shocking company suppose to work with families but instead make the paying parents live incredibly hard
Call Handler
Current Employee, less than 1 year
CEO Approval
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There is none management bullies you have a target to get as many paying parents on collect and pay so we get comission. There’s no respect to anyone from staff or to the parents whom make contact to the call center.


They don’t listen to the seriousness off how this affects the parents especially the ones paying leaving them in poverty and suicidal. I have daily calls from the paying parents begging us to lower payments as they simply can’t afford the payments but are willing to pay something!!. They are ruining lives and lives are being taken time to talk action. I’ve handed my notice in this morning as it’s all to much

Advice to Management

Listen to staff and for the paying parents whom actually want to pay for their children but being penalised because they can’t afford the ridiculous amount they have to pay. A more fare and affordable payment plan needs to be set and not go by there actual earnings!

Date of experience: August 19, 2023

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