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Reply from Colchester Kawasaki

Hi Kevin, we’ve investigated your review and can see you purchased the motorcycle in May for your son. Following a warranty claim completed around 3 weeks after the purchase, the mileage on the bike was showing as 523 miles. We advised that at this mileage the bike was due to have a first service carried out, but were told that you would book the bike back in at a later date for this to be done.

Since then we had not heard back from either yourself or your son until a week ago when your son called and explained that he was having trouble with the drive chain on his motorcycle which had fallen off. We advised that we would need to inspect the bike and if a defect was found we would be able to submit a warranty claim to Aprilia, however it was explained that the drive chain and sprockets are a routine maintenance item. These are required to be checked by the rider of the motorcycle every 600 miles and lubricated every 300 miles as per the owners manual. Your son advised that the mileage of the bike was now over 3,000 miles but the drive chain had only been lubricated twice since owning the motorcycle. In our experience, drive chains only become detached after serious neglect which leaves them to become dry and dangerously loose. We have checked the service history with Aprilia but have found that no service history has been registered.

We have tried contacting you directly regarding this issue and have left several voicemail messages but have not heard back. If you wish to contact us further regarding please contact our Operations Manager Melissa on [email protected]

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