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The world’s first Distributed Hedge Fund

Our modest goal: replace the entire hedge-fund industry with one beautiful software platform.

How it works

 We scour the world for undiscovered traders, quants, and algo developers.

 We track their results and post public track records.

 We calculate statistics and performance results on a go-forward basis. (We don’t simply let traders post their own “backtest results.”)

 When you find a strategy you like, you can AutoTrade it — that is, you can replicate trades in your own personal brokerage account.

Why C2 is better than a hedge fund

 Your money stays in your account at all times.

 You can start and stop trading at any time.

 You pick the strategies to replicate in your account.

 You can mix strategies together.

What you should know about Collective2

 Collective2 has been in business for over 20 years.

 We are a New-York based company, regulated in the United States.

 No one can guarantee trading profits. You may lose money. But we can guarantee transparency, reporting accuracy, and doing right for you.

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