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They promised cleaners, but only if you pay double. SCAM!l

They promised cleaners, but never provided. the only wayt o get them is to pay nearly double market rate. On top of that they never mentioned a service charge that is near 40% of the cost on top of a monthly fee. The whole thing is a SCAM. They even stole my $54.68 credit off of my account and only gave me $10. They do not provide cleaners, they keep sayign they will and magically no one shows up repeatedly. They are not doing what they advertised and are charging way more than advertised. That is the definition of fraud. misrepresented business model intentionally and misrepresented the costs intentionally.

Update: they did re issue the credit but it’s still fraudulent. They say $18 market average rate but not a SINGLE individual is available at that rate. No way that’s average. Wildly misleading and provide nothing and cleaners keep canceling unless they’re way way more than average like at least 40-50%. Stay away. Complete scam.

Date of experience: May 12, 2023

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