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BBL + Lipo

Before I begin, I want to say that I am the child of a cardiovascular specialist, and my mother found Dr. Murat polat as a doctor and followed his work for two years. After two years, my mother got in touch with Mr.ILYAS who is a medical advisor. Mr.ILYAS patiently answered all of my mother’s questions and accepted all the conditions and terms we set. Before the surgery, we did not pay any amount to Dr.Murat or ilyas .

As a 20-year-old daughter, I traveled alone for the first time for the surgery because ILYAS had promised my mother to take care of me like his sister, and he really did that.

On the day of the surgery, I met the doctor for the first time, even with the anesthesiologist and all the nurses before the operation, and they were unbelievably kind. Dr. Murat polat was so kind and courteous that all my fear of surgery disappeared, and ILYAS was by my side at all times.

Before the surgery, they conducted all the necessary tests, and because I have a respiratory problem, they performed additional tests with more specialists. The surgery went well, and the nurses were there whenever I needed them, showing a very friendly attitude.

Before being discharged, I underwent physical and blood check-ups by the doctor and then went to the hotel. ILYAS messaged and called me every day, and at the hotel, a kind German-speaking nurse named Hava came once a day and sometimes even twice a day, taking care of all my needs and even boosting my spirits.

The hotel staff was very kind as well. Even though I didn’t have much appetite, they made soup for me, and some days they had to change the bed linens twice a day, which they did without any complaints.

I was truly taken care of like a daughter and a sister. Thank you for everything, and I really love you ILYAS ♥️.

Date of experience: July 03, 2023

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