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Fruugo UK – Online Marketplace (GB) Reviews

Fruugo – quick to take your order and money, but no help after

Fruugo – no customer service contact? No ability to track parcels. Goods still undelivered

oh how I wish I had read some reviews before ordering. I actually purchased items via the Greek Fruugo – easy to order and pay. That whole experience leads you into a false sense of security….Order confirmed and within a short space of an email saying goods will be be dispatched (and at this point there is no possibility of cancellation)

All seemed great – the order was apparently being shipped via the USA to Australia and then to Greece so OK, I get it takes time. UK head office address is mentioned on my Greek invoice??

The delivery date has now passed – no sign of the items and there is no way of tracking them. You can log into your account and report an item has not been delivered – a response is apparently due within 48 hours – that never happened either.

Quick to take your order and money – the rest..well leaves a lot to be desired

Date of experience: July 23, 2023

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