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Avoid at all costs! DREADFUL experience!

Ordered my vehicle in May 2022. Shortly after ordering I was informed the price had arbitrarily increased; I reluctantly accepted the price increase and was told delivery was estimated for October/November 2022.

No further contact from the company until I chased in October, excuse after excuse about “delivery delays” but absolutely no concrete information or reassurance in the form of a tracking link, confirmation from a dealer etc. You rely solely on their word of mouth and they offer nothing to actually track your order or vehicle. November came and went and I was told the vehicle was “in shipment” and that “if they were a betting man” then delivery would be in 2-3 weeks’ time.

Heard nothing after 2-3 weeks, so I chased yet again – excuse after excuse after excuse. Needless to say, no vehicle for me in 2022; and the running theme is that they NEVER contact you, YOU always have to chase THEM.

2023 arrived and I chased again; I was told the car was still “in shipment” and given excuses about blockages at the port (meanwhile I know of someone who ordered same car from our local dealer in August and already received their car! Funny how the port blockages are so selective…).

Eventually in February I was informed the vehicle had arrived & could be delivered in March; but I was told the price had increased and I had to pay an additional sum. EVEN THOUGH I ORDERED THE CAR IN MAY 2022 AND WE HAD A BINDING CONTRACT WITH AN AGREED PRICE THAT THEY HAD ALREADY HIKED UP ONCE! Clearly the contract isn’t worth the paper it is written on. TAKE SPECIAL NOTE that your agreed price is NOT guaranteed and they can (and from my experience will) INCREASE it at any time! APPALLING AND DIABOLICAL – what a way to do business!

Given I had waited nearly a year, I begrudgingly paid the extra sum & remitted the final balance and the delivery date was all confirmed for 6 March. At this point, the price of the car had increased so much that it was barely any saving off the main dealer price so it made no logical sense for me to have dealt with this appalling company. I made special arrangements to take time off work to accept the delivery, and sold my existing car and I was fully prepared for the delivery on 6 March.

Lunchtime on 6 March came and I’d heard nothing – I chased them and they told me all was OK and they were 99.9% sure the car would be with me as the delivery driver wouldn’t ring until he was an hour away.

Early afternoon I was then told the delivery driver “called in sick” and therefore the delivery was cancelled. THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO TELL ME! I HAD TO CHASE YET AGAIN! The delivery was then rebooked for FOUR DAYS LATER. No apology given, I was only told “we have no control over deliveries”. I asked why it couldn’t be delivered the next day but was just told they “are at the mercy of the supplier”; they clearly have no leverage and/or desire or care to push for a resolution that would provide customer satisfaction.

The day before the REBOOKED delivery I then get an email saying the delivery is now delayed AGAIN by another 5 days. YOU LITERALLY COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP! So I had to take yet another day off work and in total I had no car for 8 days and wasted 8 days’ worth of insurance coverage.

ABSOLUTELY APPALLING AND DIABOLICAL SERVICE. Avoid this company at costs; do not put yourself through the stress and anxiety for a small saving.

Date of experience: May 25, 2022

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