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It’s a trap

It’s a trap! avoid at all costs!

I have used their service in 2019 to enter my apartment.
2 years after termination of my contract with them, they approached me to take 1k for a fake address they created for me in their system.

I had to fight for 1 month to prove I am not living in that fake address.

After that, they claimed I haven’t paid for my correct subscription I had with them, I even sent them their own proof of payment that I have paid but they kept refusing I have paid.

Today I have a clear status with my payment with them and I proofed I have paid. However, they are refusing to close my account, I don’t have any business with them any more and I simply want to close my account to prevent their appearance in my life in the future but, they keep refusing.

Date of experience: August 10, 2023

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