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Gazelle Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Gazelle is pack leader in the reCommerce industry. We help people get the most out of their awesome devices that help them get the most out of life. We’re dead set on making the unwanted wanted, the trashed treasured and completely revolutionizing the smart device lifecycle for iPhones, Androids, MacBooks and more. This is all done through selling and buying pre-owned devices, all from

What makes Gazelle the best of the best?

• No contracts or strings attached

• Certified quality

• Carrier compatible

• 30-day return policy

• No hidden fees and honest pricing

• Fast, simple and safe

• Security for confident selling and buying

As the OG phone reseller going way back to 2007, we created with a simple online trade-in service offering instant quotes. Our store launched in 2014, offering folks a great alternative to buying new smart devices.

Today, Gazelle thrives as the nation’s leading electronics trade-in site for buying and selling certified pre-owned devices. We’ve helped thousands of customers to save on the devices they rely on daily, as well as provide payment to those looking to give their used devices a second chance at life.

Please share your experiences to help us become the best we can be, for you!

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