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Horrible customer service.

Horrible customer service.

Let me be clear, I love my phone, and I love my phone service. However, the overseas call center agents are only reading scripts. I can tell you exactly what they’re going to say, you will be on hold for 3 to 5 minutes, and then they will read you whatever the most recent email Google sent to you said. They are not empowered to do anything.

I know this because I got my boyfriend to sign up. His phone was shipped out July 17th. July 21st, the UPS driver made it to the house, left us a “we missed you” notice, and then entered into the tracking system that he needed to update the address. That must have been when he stole the phone. The package was not scanned in again after July 21. It is now August 3rd, UPS has already paid out the claim to Google, and they refused to send out a new phone until their secret mysterious investigations department concludes that I can’t pick up a lost package from my local UPS store.

That’s the advice I’ve been given so far, just go get it. It’s pure idiocy.

It’s so subpar for an information company that I am absolutely disgusted with Google at this point in time. All this to save a buck.

Date of experience: August 03, 2023

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