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I joined Hyperfund (now Hyperverse) in…

I joined Hyperfund (now Hyperverse) in November 2020.

It is simply a membership rewards programm

It has been an amazing journey and truly life changing.

Not a single day has passed whereby I have not received my daily rewards.

I have successfully withdrawn funds without any problems on numerous occasions.

Most members remain passive and do NOT share the opportunity.

This is not a scam, please don’t fall for that.

Being honest, there were a few issues in recent days when the platform was migrated and their coin/token made available on the TRC20 network. This is now resolved.

There are people with alternate agendas here but please don’t let them put you off.

I would encourage anybody to join this amazing programme where members have to correctly adhere to strict governance.

Date of experience: January 22, 2022

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