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Recruiter emails sent en masse, no replies

It seems employers send me emails expressing an interest in hiring me – but when I reply with the phone number they asked for via Indeed or directly, they simply don’t answer. (Nothing in spam, of course.)

I do not know why that is other than to guess it’s one of two things:
1. Their letter is sent out en masse based on Indeed shortlisting some names based on key words in their CV and so the employer gets loads of responses back from potential applicants who thought they were receiving a personal email (as it looks like that, complete with a “kind regards” and an appeal to phone the recruiter or send a contact number.
2. The recruiter doesn’t actually read the CV until they get a reply from an applicant to one of those en masse emails. And when they read it, they decide the applicant is not acceptable and don’t even have the manners to send a thanks but no thanks.

Either way, a continual and hopeless waste of time in my case. Been round in circles for over 8 months like this, each email from a time-wasting recruiter who didn’t probably bother to check my age (early fifties, yes I know!) or anything else except area/city before sending an “I came across your CV and would like to have a chat with you/”If you would be interested in a conversation” email to me (probably sent out en masse, like I theorise above).

I am likely to delete my Indeed profile because although it is probably many people find work from Indeed, it’s becoming extremely tedious and disappointing to have hopes raised when an email arrives that is just a mass mailing disguised as a personal approach from someone who is actually interested in hiring.

Date of experience: August 01, 2023

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