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Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd. Reviews

Integra are the worst insurance company…

Integra are the worst insurance company I have had to deal with, they never got in touch about my claim.

Every time I chased them about my claim I got a different story, they only processed half my claim after losing one of my claim forms then mysteriously found the email after I complained.

I called them 14+ times to progress my claim as they don’t reply to emails, I still don’t know exactly what I got paid out for each item as they never sent me a breakdown despite me asking multiple times.

They put me on hold and I could hear them swearing before they placed me on somebody else’s call, very unprofessional.

And when I went to add my new eBike onto the insurance they suddenly wanted a £1750 premium to add it on! They claim it’s due to the value and not the fact I claimed off my insurance.

I will not be renewing my home insurance with Sainsburys as I don’t ever want to risk dealing with them ever again.

Date of experience: April 11, 2023

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