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Reply from Klarna

Hi there, we are saddened to hear that you have concerns regarding your purchase power and we certainly understand the frustration this can cause. We want to provide you with some information that may help you grasp a better understanding of how purchase power works, along with some contact information.

There is no predefined spending limit when using Klarna. Instead, a new automated approval decision about how much you can spend with us is made each time you pay with Klarna. Your Purchase Power is an estimated amount based on factors such as your payment history with Klarna and your outstanding balance. The amount is not a guarantee and may change based on the store and payment option you choose.

Each product and purchase decision are automatically generated on an individual basis based on a variety of factors including the Klarna payment product selected, the retailer, the purchase amount, your Klarna history and more.

For more information regarding your Purchase power, you can visit this link for FAQs,

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