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Billing practices are borderline illegal

I used to favor Labcorp over Quest and Westpac for all of my blood draw needs, however, after numerous calls to their billing office, they are close to breaking the law if not, intentionally avoiding consumers so they can continue to bill, which is illegal.
I setup an installment plan with Labcorp. They said they would auto bill me each month. Great, no problem. However, the next month rolls around and they do not auto bill me. Instead they begin sending past new notices , multiple a week. I call billing between 4 – 5pm PST.
They take the call at 4:45 pm and sound like they will help you, then put you on hold, and you realize they actually disconnected the line. I call back hoping i was wrong, and hope that they wouldnt be allowed to be that unprofessional.
I call back, the same girl answers, and she says I am the last one for the day. She begins to take my personal information, then again puts me on hold for the remaining 10 minutes until it is 5 pm at which time the line disconnects.
I try again the next day. I recognize Amanda’s voice from when I first set up the installment plan. I hope she will be professional and do her job. If I hung up on a consumer, I’d be fired. She validates my personal information, places me on hold at 4:33 and I remain on hold until 5 pm. I cannot make this up. I have the calls recorded, the call log is there. It shows all of this.
So, they won’t talk to you – they will see your installment plan, and if they do not help you, they can continue to bill you over and over again. If they charge late fews or send to collection, there isn’t any way to contact them or dispute because they won’t take the call. Notice there isn’t even a time zone listed on the billing page. You can assume EST as the address is NC, however, it is not listed.

The point is that they place you on hold when they see your bill and the installment plan; they avoid you. This allows them to keep sending you invoice so it appears that you are negligent – but you aren’t! You are tryin to make contact and they won’t let you.

It’s quite a brilliant scam and since several different billing reps have done this to me, its safe to assume that it’s from the top down. What a great way to increase profits.
I could send a complaint to the Nevada State Dept of Public and Behavioral Health because that is who registers and provides licenses to laboratories, however, most likely the complaint has to be sent to the state of North Carolina.

It is interesting to think if one of the billing reps had this happen to them or a family member… what would they do?

Date of experience: August 13, 2023

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