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Matthew James Removals and Storage Limited Reviews

Very sad to say – very disappointed

I received a damaged piece of furniture but was advised that staff had reported it damaged on collection. You would like to think that they would’ve asked me to sign off on this (akin to car hire) but no. Sadly I have been left with a damaged bed frame and an ‘my word against yours’ situation. I’m really disappointed as I had such high hopes especially with such a HUGE move from the UK to Australia.

I’m also a bit confused as to why insurance is included when this is disregarded and nullified when I attempt to make a claim? Of course, it must’ve been my fault that damage has occurred and thus the insurance does not cover it… how convenient!

I would recommend MJ change partners too as we had nothing but issues from Allied on this side. I understand this is not MJ’s fault but given an already abysmal experience, it’s not recommended that this is repeated!!

Another note is that I didn’t receive correspondence about delays prior to shipment. My mother had to chase this as she is still in the UK and I, in Australia. Also, once shipped I never received the promised link to track my shipment, which is yet another shame.

Overall, I feel very sad about the experience – especially my damaged bed frame which had been purchased brand new, put up in our house in the UK and then shipped to Australia (therefore avoiding any instances of damage).

Be cautious before choosing MJ, people.

Date of experience: August 08, 2023

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