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Zero customer service

Terrible customer service. I purchased one for the US for my phone and one for my mother’s. Turns out my mother’s did not work. I immediately called my bank and the transaction had not gone through, so I asked them to cancel the order. They said they would charge a processing fee of $3 although it had not been processed yet. Then they childishly tried to justify the fee. Finally cancelling both orders as ‘punishment’ for my refund request. I see quite a few similar complaints here….

I also have zero tolerance for rude and incompetent behavior, as do many others according to these reviews. I personally was not rude, just reacting to the situation I faced, which seems to be nickel and dimming people, just minutes after canceling my order. Professionals would have simply refunded the purchase without a fuss, as it hadn’t been processed. This is bad business all around.

Date of experience: August 14, 2023

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