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Nutracheck Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Nutracheck is an award-winning food tracking app that gives you the tools & knowledge for long-term success. We’ve been helping thousands of people achieve their weight and health goals since 2005.

Our philosophy is ‘knowledge is power’! Whether your goal is to lose/maintain/gain weight, improve your diet or eat for fitness, Nutracheck is your must-have app.

We are a top-rated food diary app and website, that tracks calories and 7 key nutrients – carbs, sugar, fibre, protein, fat, saturated fat, and salt. It’s simple and easy to use, you can track what you eat in less than 10 minutes.

There are loads of great features to help you achieve your goal:

✅ Customise your goal, diary, and the nutrients you track

✅ Super-fast barcode scanner and 350,000 food/drink database

✅ Monitor your sugar, carbs, protein, fat, saturated fat, salt, and fibre – as well as calories with our helpful reports

✅ Link with Fitbit and Garmin, as well as 100s of other fitness tracking apps. You can also track your strength-based exercise

✅ Helpful widgets that track your progress in real-time

✅ Nutrient information for over 130 restaurants, bars and cafes

✅ Award-winning customer care team

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