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Performance Golf Skims Customer Bank Accounts

Performance Golf/Blackfish Media is a bank-skimming fraudulent organization which hides behind such names as Sir Nick Faldo, David Leadbetter, Hank Haney, Eric Cogorno–their coaches–to continue hitting bank accounts after cancellations. Performance Golf is well known at Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and other online complaint boards as a disreputable business bordering on illegal. Performance Golf certainly must spend more time fending off complaints than actually helping golfers improve. They are rather good at the former, which is more a buy off using refunds to get customers to change their online comments. Those that have left online complaints, or actually spoken or emailed this company have been the brave ones, but I’m not sure that takes things far enough. Performance Golf continues withdrawing money from customer accounts without permission–and sometimes for months without being noticed. What is remarkable is that their name coaches are still participating in the scheme unknowingly. It is a scam! Performance Golf shouldn’t be in business because the scheme is so obvious and clear as you research complaints–they are similar to mine. Performance Golf even tried to refund-buy-me-off by offering “All” their programs to me at no cost, which I declined. I said that I would rather tell their “name coaches” and have them stop doing business in such an inappropriate way. I doubt that will happen until they are stopped and their coaches feel the embarrassment of association with the group. Please research the complaints and stay clear of Performance Golf!

Date of experience: June 23, 2023

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