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No product, poor customer service, slow refund

Based on my personal experience, avoid, folks. Ordered an iPhone 6S from them. Promised next day delivery. Then, several HOURS later, a generic and contradictory e-mail telling me that owing to an “internal systems error” they couldn’t send my handset but “not to worry, (we) get stock almost every day”. So I rang them and spoke to a man who, frankly, couldn’t have sounded less interested if he’d tried. Turns out the “internal systems error” was (as I suspected) an error by the person they employ to manage their stock levels. The computer hadn’t miscounted – that was a very human mistake.

No alternative product offered. Would’ve been nice to have been given that option since it was THEIR fault I wasn’t going to receive my order when promised. Instead, a vague promise of more stock after the weekend and when I asked how long it would take to refund me, I got a “prob’ly twenty-four to forty-eight hours”. So I asked for one. And I’m still waiting. Tick tock, tick tock.

Quick enough to TAKE your money, unable to provide the promised goods and then REALLY drag their heels when coming to refunding you.

Based on my PERSONAL experience I would advise you to leave this company well alone. I’m sure that for every frustrated and disappointed customer there is someone who is delighted but I can honestly say that I can’t find a single good word to say about Phonehub and I would strongly recommend giving them a very, VERY wide berth.

As for the company’s response, I’d like to invite them to provide me with a recording of the telephone call between myself and them because I am absolutely ADAMANT that no alternative product was offered. Had that offer been made, I would almost certainly have accepted it as the handset was more important than a refund.

I’m sorry that they feel that I made “derogatory” comments towards their staff member in my initial review – these comments have been removed but if they believe the chap I spoke to is a pinnacle of Customer Service, I fear that they’re mistaken.

I have now sourced a handset from an alternative company (see my review of The iOutlet) who were SUPERB. THAT is how a company should operate. Sadly there is no comparison and no amount of objecting to the honest reviews of your customers will change that.

I object to being accused of being a liar and, as I said before, would like to put Phonehub to proof over that matter because despite your protestations, no alternative product was offered. And being that I called from a company telephone, if you can’t provide a recording – I certainly can.

Date of experience: March 16, 2019

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