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This company lies to customers when…

This company lies to customers when they take out a landlord insurance you pay £1022 and they got people who tell you it covers everything then when you make a claim they look for every excuse not to pay out. When a customer say he wants all legal costs covered that’s what they want not lies. A person called Tom Reeves who strangely has left the company why ???? I wonder maybe giving customers false promises or blatantly lying to fill his pockets. Then you have a CEO who employs people like he calls himself CEO retail specialty what a absolute burke don’t know is backside from his elbow and the wonderful CEO himself OMG how he got that job is a farce he’s ignorant and rude as well as many of there staff trained to be dishonest or you probably get the push like our lovely dishonest Tom. Do not under any circumstances do business with them not sure if they are a scam or just con merchants. They will take your money when it comes to pay outs you will get a pathetic person who can’t even write a letter the magic CEO RETAIL SPECIALTY man who knows less then my 4 year old grandson who’s even more polite then those two so called CEO ‘S BE AWARE IF YOU TAKE A INSURANCE OUT WITH THEM DON’T EXPECT A PAYOUT. BECAUSE THEY DON’T DO PAYOUTS THEY DO EXCUSES. Believe me I have been ripped off now taking them to court don’t put yourself in that position I did stupidly.

Date of experience: October 31, 2019

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