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We are sorry to hear about your less-than-stellar experience. We understand it can be frustrating to get screened out or disqualified after already having invested some time.

The surveys in the app are not created directly by the app owners but are created by survey experts and integrated into the app. The surveys are created for a specific target group. For example, if the survey was created to find out the shopping habits of vegans and you are faced with the question “Are you vegan?” and your answer is “No”, you are clearly not part of the target group and will therefore receive a rejection.

To better identify surveys that work well, we have introduced a star rating system. By focusing on surveys with 4-5 stars, the risk of a bad survey is minimized.

Please keep in mind that if your account is blocked or has been banned or the system detects any suspicious behavior this will affect also the payouts: they may be denied or canceled.

Below are some useful tips and links to help you avoid this situation in the future:

-It´s very important to do the start bonus survey first before starting to play games or do surveys. For example: if the user only completed tasks on games to earn his money this would be considered suspicious by the system.

-Be careful: don’t be fooled by trick questions. If you fail to get your account temporarily blocked.

-Take your time: read the instructions and take your time. If you finish the survey before the estimated time is up, you may be disqualified or your account may be temporarily suspended.

-Open only one session at a time. Do not use the app on multiple devices at the same time. Using multiple devices is fine and can be helpful, but don’t do it at the same time as this may cause the system to recognize you as fraud.

-Be consistent and honest: answer questions truthfully to avoid discrepancies when answering similar questions. Failure to do so may result in your account being temporarily suspended.

-Avoid VPNs and public networks: these can cause problems and temporary account suspensions. This can happen if you are traveling or have an app running in the background that is trying to connect to a VPN or public network.

How to avoid disqualification

The ultimate guide to paid surveys:

We hope it helps you to continue earning money and gift cards.

Have a great day!

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