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This place is new store in the West town Mall, from Madison, Wi. called Perfume Hut
Avoid buy in this place, they are scammer, they selling fake brand, i bought a Eternity Cologne for men, and they does not have, testing product after them the product does not have the price in the box, they said is original brand, and i did pay for that, i did just open and don’t smell like a cologne, its like alcohol with mixed water, when i did try get a refund or exchange 3 days ago, the manager said it impossible do nothing, when the receipt said i have 7 days to can do. he was rude, bad customer service agressive and he dont care about if i having agreement, I told him i want my money back and he just hanging the phone in my face. So the worst place than i buy before. “DONT LUST YOUR MONEY HERE” THEY GOINg TO ROBBED YOU

Date of experience: May 03, 2023

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