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About Prosperi

Information written by the company

We appreciate your interest in Prosperi! We see that many people make the same mistake by starting investing without prior knowledge of the field and often make unsuccessful decisions. We want you to be successful; therefore, we offer you the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in the area before starting your journey in the investment world.

In our learning course, you can learn about Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Brockers, Investing Strategies, Portfolio Management, Stock Market, Alternative Investments, and many more topics.
Then, to apply that knowledge in practice, you can use our Simulator. In the Simulator, you can practice investing/trading with virtual money. You can buy or sell stocks and cryptocurrency and see how it affects your portfolio. We designed it to help you gain experience and be prepared to invest in trading platforms.
Moreover, if you encounter any questions, you can ask our experienced mentor, who will guide you.

Finally, if you have had enough learning and training, you can start investing in the trading platforms we partner with. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend learning all the details before starting this journey.

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