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Completely false advertising, do not buy

I wish I had checked this company here first before parting with my money.

I can categorically state without any shadow of a doubt that the advertising for the “Extremebear” is a complete fallacy. The product is a pretty bog standard, normal teddybear, with a slightly rough looking material used. It’s utterly useless as a dog toy.

The website states that this toy is for power chewers. This is a lie. My dog is not a particularly strong chewer, but I was looking for a toy which might last a little longer than usual. it took her a couple of minutes to bust the material in the leg (not even the stitching!) and start getting the fluff out.

The website states that this is an everlasting companion. The only way this would be possible, is if the toy is never given to the dog.

A direct quote from the website: 100% indestructible & unbreakable! Durable stitching & tough embroidery making it perfect for power chewers!

No it is not. It lasted 2 minutes before breaking.

The website is flooded with 5 star reviews, I can only assume that anything that is not a 5 star review is ignored or deleted.

Also took over 3 weeks to deliver.

I cannot recommend this product, and the advertising is pure hyperbole.

Date of experience: August 14, 2023

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