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I have several issues with Quest

I have several issues with Quest. First, let me say I’ve used Quest for my entire military career and long after I retired. Lately, however, their employees, customer service, and administrative procedures have really gone downhill. For example, they only list TRICARE West in my region and do not list TRICARE FOR LIFE. Every military retiree on Medicare is automatically enrolled in TRICARE FOR LIFE, which is a different insurance than normal TRICARE. While they both fall under the TRICARE umbrella, they are not the same insurance for submission and billing purposes. I recently had to pay for a Quest diagnostic service and I believe it’s because of this discrepancy. They also make me resubmit all my insurance information everytime I use their services. This is tedious and unnecessary for most customers who maintain the same insurance(s). The last time I went in for a blood test (today), I inquired about these issues. A supervisor was rude to me and it was obvious that she didn’t know why Quest operated the way it did. When I suggested that maybe I needed to talk to billing about it, she said it was up to me, but it would be a waste of my time. I politely informed her that everyone at Quest worked for their customers and their insurances (we pay the bills that pay their salaries), and she outright dismissed me and left the room. It was clear that she did not even understand the concept that she was providing a paid service and was accountable to her customers. I attribute her attitude and ignorance to a lack of proper training. Well, like any other insubordinate employee, I’ve fired Quest. I will be using and taking my insurance/money to other diagnostic services in the future.

My latest experience on 8/14/23 was with Quest Diagnostics at 6301 Mountain Vista St, Ste 100, Henderson, NV 89014-2365.

Date of experience: August 14, 2023

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