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Mark – I am so sorry you feel that way. Since I have became Broker in January, I have made it my mission to better our brokerage and our licensees. I see that you purchased a home on Basel, but don’t see here that the licensee you hired made any notes of things that went wrong. I would love to speak with you regarding this. Please call me directly at 343-8817. Unfortunately, I can not fix a problem I do not know about. 🙁

Update: I spoke to the licensee you worked with and he mentioned you were frustrated by his persistence to get your proof of funds. If there was anything besides that I would really love to know so I can educate and teach our licensees.
As far as the proof of funds, he did send me your communication and your frustration was noticed, but that was proper protocol. When someone wants to pay cash, we HAVE to have a bank statement showing the borrowers name and amount in the account needs to be greater or equal to the purchase.

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