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Resells wigs at an extortionate price, AVOID!!!

I fell into the MLM-like trap that is Rebel Gyspy in December 2022. I purchased over 40 wigs in the span of 6 months because her products made me feel better about the medical conditions impacting my hair. Imagine my horror when I found out that Rebel Gypsy purchases wigs from other vendors such as Bobbi Boss, Outre, Belle Tresse and so many others. She marks up products 200-400%. For instance, I bought an Outre wig for $30 that she has listed on her site for $130!!!!! She preys upon women with insecurities and medical issues, when in reality she’s just modeling wigs from other brands and passing them off as her own. I used to watch her lives but her giveaways are counterfeit products as well (Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc.) and only recently started telling people they are “inspired” products. I really loved the community of people sharing their wigs but it’s all based on lies and manipulation.

She is also incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional on her business page. From drinking and cursing to showing her private parts, as well as documenting a drunken car crash (what?!?!), her business’s social media followers can never predict what she’s going to say or do next. Now she’s pushing ketones and alternative medicine. It’s truly an MLM nightmare on steroids.

TLDR: Amanda Lawrence does not care about you. She only cares about making a profit off your insecurities. Go check out EbonyLine or Divatress, because that’s probably where your $130+ wig came from, and it’s likely under $50.

Date of experience: August 19, 2023

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