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Reply from Ruby Love

Hello K,

Thank you for your review.

We apologize that your experience was not optimal. We hope the following offers helpful guidance:

Before your first wear, give your Ruby Love style a quick stretch.
2. If using a pad, remove the adhesive release paper and press pad firmly into the Ruby Love gusset, like you would in your normal underwear. If using a pad or our double-sided pad, pull the dri-tech mesh around the edges of the pad. Smooth with your hand until pad is flat.
3. Pull Ruby Love style up snugly to your body.
4. For proper protection, rotate your double-sided pad, change your pad, tampon or menstrual cup with regular frequency.
5. The dri-tech mesh helps prevent side, front, or back leaks.
6. The product will angle under the body to help collect flow immediately.

If you need greater assistance, please reach out to us on [email protected].

Ruby Love Customer Experience Team

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