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S Broker AG & Co. KG Reviews

Deal with the best to avoid sad stories

S Broker AG & Co. KG are one of the best companies no doubt!
i benefited from their service immensely before i introduced my friend Steve, wish i’d done that for him early enough before he got swindled.

(PS: you might learn from it)
Steve is a 65-year-old who lives alone in retirement.

Not long after his wife’s death, he received an unexpected call about an investment opportunity. The cold-callers sounded very professional and seemed to have excellent knowledge of investment matters. They answered all of Steve’s questions and their initial contact was followed up with calls from ‘senior advisors’.

As Steve’s superannuation funds weren’t doing so well, he decided to explore this new investment opportunity. He did not think about discussing the investment opportunities with anyone else.

Over the next 12 months, Steve made a number of transfers to the ‘investment professionals’, initially starting with $10 000. He was referred to a very professional looking website and set up a login account, which showed his money increasing in value as the market ‘went up’. Confident the system was working, he invested more money, to a total of $200 000.

He only realised that the investment scheme was a scam when the website went down and he could no longer access his account or contact the offshore group by phone.

He then did some research and discovered the company was fake. He tried to get his money back through the law agencies but all to no avail. He later tracked down the scammers through the help of Venomthreads(.com) and they were brought to AU where they were arraigned for the fraudulent act.

Date of experience: January 22, 2019

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