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Another scam company

Stuff your refund I’ve actioned a complaint via trading standards and action fraud. Nowhere is it visible that a charge of £29.50 will be applied. I haven’t authorised it and will get it back from my bank.

I’ve also submitted a subject access request to determine how many people have complained about your company update to follow soon

You prey on the vulnerable and it’s going to stop.

Update 2.47pm 18th August 2023

I advise people to get the ball rolling and contact trading standards 08082231133 and possibly Action Fraud number to follow.

I can’t find anything on the website about complaint procedure need to report this company so they can’t keep getting away with scamming people. If anyone knows the regulatory body that oversee complaints of this nature drop me a line please.

Scammers how can these people live with themselves.

This company hitch a ride of websites then bang you with a £29.50 fee.

They are very closely related to a company called scope savings which practice the same scamming processes.

A charge of £29.50 appeared on my bank account. I phone this company up Savings Shield 03303502554 cancelled membership that I was unaware that I had.

No email notification was sent saying that I have signed up.

They say on the website that all charges are visible. Rubbish no way would I agreed to a £29.50 charge.

No clear way to complain which I intend to do if this was a genuine company they would be transparent and have clear complaints procedure on their website. None that I can see 🙈.

I contacted my bank and told them I have not authorised this payment.

The phone call was recorded when I cancelled my unknown membership. I spoke to James .

James told me that I signed up on the 19th of July 2023. This is conviently outside of the 2 week cooling off period.

This is now a matter of principle.

These scammers can’t get away with targeting vulnerable people

I will be taking this forward complaint to independent body you scamming****

Date of experience: August 18, 2023

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