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Sensa preys on the vulnerable

I signed up for 6 months, they didn’t give me a billing agreement, they emailed me to-do lists for a month, then nothing. Six months later, I get charged again for a renewal I didn’t even have evidence for other than Paypal notifying me. I messaged their customer service, and they basically said too bad, so I went through Paypal, and then Sensa emailed me again saying they wouldn’t be able to refund me since I opened a dispute with Paypal, as if they would have worked with me!

This company is a scam. They don’t give you any proof of subscription, then they disappear quietly and collect more money from people with depression, ADHD, and anxiety while giving them no notice or confirmation, and certainly no service. I haven’t gotten anything from this service for well over 4 months!

Save your money and look elsewhere for support in your time of need.

Update 8/17: Sensa will also tell you to contact them for appearances in response to these reviews, but they will ignore your email. It has been 3 days since I emailed them after their response to this review, and I have received no reply.

Date of experience: July 30, 2023

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