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Absolutely Shocking From Seven Seas

We decided to go with Seven Seas to move our belonging to Shanghai and were ok with paying a little more for what we thought would be a professional service.

Unfortunately the service we received was well below the minimum expectations we had.

There was mold on the majority of our belongings which resulted in us spending 3 days cleaning and washing everything. We have young children so are obviously worried about the impact on their health.

Then they broke our TV beyond repair and said it was damaged before it was shipped… makes no sense.

They broke our refrigerator – its very wonky and propped up with carboard now!

They wrote with permanent black marker on all parts of our white wardrobe – who does that!

Didn’t build the beds correctly despite being given the instructions. I literally had to fix the beds myself (after sleeping on the sofa for 5 nights as they lost the screws) using the instructions I gave them.

Maybe this was only our experience but I felt it necessary to paint the picture of the service others may expect from Seven Seas. Extremely stressful and being blamed for their incompetence was another factor of irritation.

Looks like a 1 in 10 chance this will happen to you!

Date of experience: August 04, 2023

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